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Our Mission 

To provide effective, high quality, faith-based addictions services, resources and support to women seeking recovery from substance abuse. To provide necessary support and nurture to those in need, encourage, and create an atmosphere in which women can develop into confident, capable, healthy contributing members of our local community.

Our Story

Mission Heart was opened in 2000 with the goal of providing a loving and supportive environment for their members. This 501(c)(3) organization is a women's Christian, non-profit organization. This program in the Baton Rouge area has helped individuals to rediscover themselves through their sobriety. With three transitional homes in close proximity, members are able to reinvent themselves in a positive and healthy environment through supportive care. 

Mission Heart is a safe, loving, and life changing place – the perfect place to start your journey back into society. We are a group of women who are self-governing with on-site and off-site leadership. We provide love and support for each other in friendship, prayer, and mentorship. Mission Heart began in 2000 with the vision to provide a safe living environment for women in crisis. It is our desire to nurture women back into society by not only providing for their physical needs – but also by supporting and encouraging their relationship with God. It all started with the house known as Mission Heart Station, and then quickly grew to include Hope Villa, and now we have our house for leaders, Agape.

Women come to Mission Heart from all walks of life. Most ladies arrive from our local community. The residents work together to keep a clean, welcoming home. Not only do our women grow spiritually, but also as a family, becoming lifelong friends who hold each other accountable to God’s calling on each of their lives.

Weekly activities include Bible study, church, and 12-step meetings. Group therapies including check-in, art, exercise, and gardening. The women of Mission Heart are urged to be active in the community. Mission Heart can help change your life. Please contact us. We would love for you to be part of the family.

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